10-day transformation with photos

Hey guys! 🙂

I know you have been waiting for this for a long time.  So enjoy 🙂

I wanted to work on putting these pics side by side, but they are what they are… no more putting this off.

Voila my BEFORE pics:

What in the world am I looking at?  Nice smile, Kim! Lol!

 Man, do I ever look serious?  hehehe.

Then ABRA – CA – DABRA…. yummy yummy Power shakes, Super Aminos, lots of water, Super CleansR, Superlytes, simple flex foods and Apothe Cherry… for 10 days

All right, are you ready for the AFTER shots that my 7 year old took?

AFTER 10 days:

 Here’s me giving instructions for her to take the best pics… and look what happened.  The next photo is even better…

 Am I sleeping here or what?!  Just take the picture, Little S without laughing so much!  🙂

  All right, so she finally left my head out of the pictures.  Thank you.

Main Goals of embarking on the 10-Day Transformation:

  1. Enjoy more vibrant energy
  2. Sleep more deeply
  3. Discover products and information that would be beneficial to my family and friends
  4. bonus:  drop a few pounds of fat

The BENEFITS I experienced through this 10-Day Transformation:

  1. The number 1 thing I noticed was the strength and “glowingness” of my eyes.  I noticed on the second day and onward that my eyes just seemed to shine.  More often than not, my eyes are the indicator of how tired I am (despite my daily genuinely happy and positive attitude).  Soreness in my eyes, stinging, strain just seemed to be lifted and replaced with a “glowing” wellness.  It almost seemed as though I could see better.  My eyes felt much stronger.
  2. The energy and enthusiasm especially with my apple berry Power Shake!  It’s SOOOO awesome, yummy and makes me glow.  “Glow” and “radiate” are probably the best words I can use to describe how it causes me to feel.
  3. Feeling of non hunger during the day… as I got to day 8, I started to get more “hungry”, but more on that in another blog post.  
  4. Aches and pain in my legs, back and lower back vanished.  There was exception of one day in particular when I felt I needed to stretch my neck and shoulders, but in general, my muscles and joints felt well.
  5. The lovely feeling of my body just shrinking, feeling more space between me and my clothes 🙂 Then the added bonus of friends commenting “hey, are you on a diet or something?  Your neck looks longer.”  Or “I am getting convinced…” And my favourite text, “when I saw you yesterday, you looks like you were drowning in your clothes!”  I love the conversation!
  6. Taking time to track what I was eating (and continuing that even after my 10-days) in a little book with the cover “think Green”.  I became more aware of how little water I had been drinking compared to how much I did drink during the cleanse.  This has helped me form new habits of getting my water when I get to work so I can sip it throughout the day.
  7. The support offered by Purium is awesome and invaluable.  I discovered that to benefit most from this program, do as much prep work and attend the daily support calls.  I will be better prepared next time.
So, these are my pics.  If you want to see more photos of other people’s transformations, look here:  

If you are considering doing the Transformation yourself, I have a special gift card for you to get $50 dollars off 🙂  The code to use is coachkimsit.

Thank you for reading and taking an interest in your own health.  You deserve to be happy and healthy.  What are your next steps to that next level?
Sending you high vibrations,
Posted by Kim Sit
November 24, 2015

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