2018 Best Breath Ever Experiment: 365 days without processed refined sugar

Hello friend!

Guess what!?

Yes, that is right, it is a new year coming up, and I have something really, really REALLY exciting to share with you.

Half my lifetime ago, I decided to spend one whole academic year of my university career in Mexico. It was one of the most life changing experiences for me. If I had not done it despite fears and uncertainties, I would never have been able to live and experience all the powerful memories and lessons by going for it.

So, for 2018 I am taking 365 days off refined sugar.

How in the world does this relate to my year in Mexico? Well, if I don’t take this “vacation” I won’t truly know the benefits and lessons of living outside of Sugarinsania.

This is not some diet. If you have followed my posts, you would know that great health has been increasing important to me over the last ten years, and I don’t believe in fad diets.  I have definitely tried them before, and I know that diets don’t work.  Life-style does.  Life-style is made up of repeated choices… we call these habits.

Yes, I know I have out myself on weight loss challenges before… And I have reported before on these challenges that collapsed, so what makes this goal any different? Is this a New Year’s resolution that is going to “die off” around February as with most gym memberships?

Well, let me exclaim that this idea is very clear in my mind. I don’t think I have been this clear about one year goal in a very long time! In fact, I am looking at it as it has already been completed.

WHY am I going sugar free in 2018?

I am really, really, really, really, REALLY curious how my life would be without refined sugars and flours (and dairy, artificial colours and other stuff my ancestors didn’t eat) for just a year.  For one whole year, how would my life change?

  • Will I have fewer headaches?
  • Will my weight change?
  • Will my breath be fresher (hint, hint the title of this experiment)?
  • Will I have more money?
  • Will others be inspired to make small life-style shifts for a better life?
  • Will my teeth and gums be stronger and healthier?
  • Will my posture change?
  • Will I have more energy?
  • Will I have better digestion?
  • Will I have better sleep?
  • Will I think and act more clearly?
  • Will I be quicker and more creative?
  • Will I be more productive and happy?

The answer, my friend, is waiting at the end of 2018 😉  I must go through the course to find out.  I had to go to Mexico to know how it would be like to live in Mexico.  I know there will be challenges, but I know no matter how difficult, it can be accomplished!

What do you mean by “sugar free”?

Let’s just simplify:

Permissible but budgeted:  raw honey, maple syrup, dried fruit, fruit, vegetables, stevia (though not a preferred taste)

Avoid:  refined sugar, fructose, glucose, HFCS, Sorbitol, artificial sweeteners

Take a look at my video to find out more.


  • birthdays
  • parties
  • free food (like at work)
  • hunger attacks (worked too long, forgot my food… what now!?!?)
  • medicine that contains sugar and added junk (let’s just not go crazy over this)
  • Lunar New Year
  • visitors
  • gifts
  • samples
  • restaurants
  • criticism/worry/opinion from others

How you can help

Please ask me questions about my time “away” or “abroad” from processed sugar.  Please read and tune into my videos and podcasts providing updates on the challenges of the month/week.  Please leave your comments.  Please join me for this experiment if you feel so inclined 🙂  and please do SHARE this with someone you think would appreciate this.

in summary:

  • comment/ask questions
  • like
  • share
  • join me!

I will be reporting weekly as well as monthly.

Thank you for taking this time to read my intentions for 2018.  I am really, really, really excited about this journey.  Let me know what your questions and thoughts are; I am always thrilled to hear from you!

Happy and Healthy New Year!


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