40 Life Lessons and thoughts


Thank you very much for joining me today for another post.

Recently, I turned the nice human age of… 40!  Wow!  So, I wrote up 40 random life lessons and thoughts with you.

I hope that you will also find value and ask yourself what lessons and beliefs you have come to discover in your journey of life.

40 lessons and thoughts about life

  1.  My parents are not always correct, but neither were their parents.
  2. Forgiveness is key to freedom.
  3. I have 24 hours in a day, and I get to choose what I will do with this precious time.
  4. I don’t “have to” to do anything I don’t want to.
  5. If I want something, I can get it… sometimes it might cost a lot of work and money, but it is possible!
  6. It is OK to give up things such as habits and thoughts that do not serve me.
  7. Watching my kids sleep provides me a great sense of peace and appreciation.
  8. I must be clear with my communication starting with myself.
  9. I cannot make anyone else do anything they do truly want to do.
  10. My wants change from  year to year, but the constant is happiness and health.
  11. True health, wealth and joy come from within.
  12. Profits are better than wages, but I am grateful for my wages 🙂
  13. I am brainwashed, but I get choose what I want to be brainwashed with.
  14. I choose to enjoy my children and be open to receive their innocent “presents”/ “presence”
  15. True friendship endures distance and silence.  Sending love to my friends!  Thank you for being there in spirit wherever you may geographically be 🙂
  16. Death is not the end; it is a point of transition.
  17. Gratitude is my chosen attitude as well as a habit I am thankful for.
  18. I am happiest when speaking, writing and expressing my truth.
  19. I am also most connected, passionate and coherent when I express my truth.
  20. Good things and great people always come to me at exactly the right time and place.
  21. Regret is a waste of energy and focus power… but it can be a great teacher.
  22. If I fail, I get up and try again unless what I am trying to do is not in alignment with my values.
  23. I embrace and acknowledge my fears.  I look into them, say thank you, and act inspire of them.
  24. My parents’ fears, anxieties, ideals and expectations are not mine.  I lovingly release the burden and obligation to think as they do.
  25. I choose to make LOVE the bottom line.
  26. I learned to utter “love” and actually not be embarrassed by it in my thirties.
  27. I learned to drive when I was 16 but did not get my full licence until I was afraid to fail, so I got it around 30.  I now drive with confidence.  Driving has provided me a great sense of freedom and accomplishment!  It’s never too late to learn.
  28. Pain is a great motivator for action.  Discomfort or getting sick is a great reminder for how wonderful it is to be WELL!
  29. I learned to let go and forgive those who “victimized” me, and now I empower myself.  I am getting saying ‘no’ firmly yet lovingly and respectfully to people, offers and situations I don’t want.
  30. I know what my values are, but I am open to knowing myself more and more deeply every moment.  In other words, I am open to self discovery.
  31. Nature, silence and movement provide the best remedy for a healthy life.
  32. I don’t need to hold onto my high school stuff anymore… (more to come about creating space)
  33. I write my life in every moment.
  34. Appreciation is free, and it feels wonderful!
  35. I am love-able because I am.
  36. People are kind, receptive and understanding because they reflect back to me.
  37. Thoughts become things if those thoughts are given enough attention, intensity and energy.
  38. Money is not evil.  The root of money is not evil.  I don’t even believe there is evil anymore.  “Money is life energy that we exchange and use as a result of the service we provide to the Universe.” – Deepak Chopra.
  39. The best thing about university was not my degree.  It was about the lifelong friends and experiences I gained.
  40. Lessons are available to me right now.

What lessons have your learned in your life?  Pleas share!

Thank you for joining me!  And as always, I love hearing from you.

Make yourself the most amazing day 🙂


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