Black or White


I know that it has been quite a few months since I last wrote. I’ve been working on many things in addition to homeschooling. In my last post I had hinted at that… and at the last minute, we decided it would just be safer for us to home school our oldest boy.

The title of this post reflects how many people with Asperger’s Syndrome view life. My youngest was diagnosed with high functioning autism recently, and ironically when I took him to see the eye doctor, the doctor told me my boy was colour blind… ironic, isn’t it?

I actually put that title in because of a video my daughter showed me today. I think she was looking for something inspirational on climate change, and she came up with a TED Talk in Sweden. A girl named Greta Thunberg, a young environmental activist on climate change who is on the spectrum. She made so much sense to me!

She responded to someone who suggested she become a climate specialist to find out the answer to climate change that there is nothing more to find out — we already know the answer, but we must take action.

Isn’t that true for EVERYTHING? I think about myself and my self care… if I say I have goals I want to reach, then why don’t I do the things I know will get me there? For example, why don’t I sleep more?

It’s black and white, isn’t it?

Do you do things sometimes and sometimes now? Are things black and white to you? Do you ever do things you know would take you in the direction you don’t want?

On that note, I am ready to do a self session of BodyTalk Access then off to slumber.

Sweet dreams!


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