Freedom Friday, November 13, 2015

New and Good:

1. Ate at the Bay and Adelaide Centre today, and discovered they offered free WI-FI!
2. Went seeking for the availability of fresh juiced wheatgrass, and was happily surprised how accessible it was in the  underground   PATH in Toronto. Building the excitement to when I finally taste my first shot 😉
3. Had a peaceful day with Husband even though we ate too much at a neighbourhood buffet, my plates were mainly romaine and fresh veggies 🙂
It’s easy to fall into a totally indulgent diet once you get off a detox. I think the thought that helps me most is that I can eat whatever I want, so what so I really want? If you can stop and contemplate that before sinking your teeth into a donut or some artificially colour candy, your choice will be supportive of what’s most important to you.
To your freedom,

Posted by Kim Sit
November 14, 2015

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