Friday, February 26, 2016: day 3/90

Fantastic Friday to you!

How was it fantastic for you?

For me, let me count some ways:

1. I got to work early to cover for a coworker who wasn’t feeling very well. And since the phones were quiet, another co-worker was able to show me pictures of his family and home in India!

2. I had printed out the Million Mom Movement pledge so I could glance at it throughout my shift reminding me of the things you see on the pic.

3. Enjoyed potluck by selecting the best foods available and didn’t even entertain the idea of even looking at the donuts or other sweets.

I did feel pretty drained/sleepy about half hour after eating.

Great bonding with the team.

4. While on the train, I was looking at my last text message to a really good friend and noticed she hadn’t responded to any of my texts. For whatever reason, her mobile number was missing from my phone! But her home one was there, si I called it.

To my surprise she answered! She was so surprised to hear my voice too!

We had a great chat from the time u called her in Scarborough to the time I was walking across the 401.

Sometimes the Universe just delivers gifts in the most mysterious ways 😉 just follow the lead.

5. I had an awesome relaxing date with Husband. We chatted and ate responsibly. See the pic of the plate of food I gathered from the all-you-can-eat buffet. I also cheered (quietly with a big smile) when I would see other diners choosing from the salad bar.

No artificial sweets for me this time, and I did not miss it! It is great feeling just satisfied (not stuffed) after a meal.

6. Going to bed now counting my blessings…

May you take your dreams to bed,


Posted by Kim Sit
February 27, 2016

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