Happy New Year 2020: perfect vision

Happy New Year, dear reader!

It is 11:49 on at the time of writing. The kids (most of them) are in bed, and I am sitting in peace with my cat thanking 2019 for all its wonderful gifts of wisdom and experiences. And I am grateful for this year of 2020 vision arriving in just under ten minutes.

Of course that is all a construct. It’s arbitrary… yet nearly globally accepted, that a new year has begun (in countries that saw the sun rise and set before here).

Do you have any new year’s resolutions? Who started this whole idea, anyway?

For myself, I have intentions:

  1. Complete the important things, putting first things first
  2. At all times KNOW what comes first, and act accordingly
  3. Meditate on the desired (intention); create using my imagination paired with all-in action

For example, I want to become masterful at teaching my son using RPM and embodying at all times a positive, fun, upbeat attitude.

Only four minutes now… Three… Before 2020.

one of my intentions for this blog is to share consistently and quickly wisdom that is presented to me.

For example, today I heard in a recording Deepak Chopra said to relieve stress right away focus on the sensations of your body. Secondly, focus on the space between people and things.

There you have it as I wrap up this post. It is now 12:00 am

Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2020 to you!

With much love,



I would love to know what your new year’s resolutions or intentions are. And if you don’t believe in having them, why not.

Let me know how I can support you.

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