My Journey Back to Sheffield MA

What a journey it has been.

I arrived here Sunday evening after a little over 8 hours of being on the road. My eye was screaming to shut (it is still tell me that now) and to sleep, but I had made it back to serenity, tall wise trees, calming mini waterfall, crisp air and the place where I started questioning about my own beliefs.

Monday was an intense day. I loved meeting all the other participants. The food has been awesome! It is made and served by awesome people in an awesome environment. I am really blessed to be able to come back here. Miracles happen every day.

Today, I observed the prevalence of floating beliefs that are disguised as truth and fact. I am excited to apply what I have learned into my everyday life and for helping you.

I will walk and explore more tomorrow. I am enjoying this process of exploring outward and inward.

What is one remarkable observation or lesson you have learned today?

Sending you much love and light, and until next time,

Be Awesome!


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