Re-Learning Math

Kim SitWed, May 29, 2019

Hello Sunshine!

I know it is cloudy today, but I know the sun is always shining even of there is temporary gray matter partially shading the Earth 🙂
A few days ago I came across a really exciting video about re-learning math!!  Are you a math lover?  Are you a math genius?  Are you a human calculator?  I appreciate math, but I certainly wouldn’t have grouped me in the latter two categories.  

As a child going school, I was considered very good at math.  My tests were 100%.  Why?  Because I understood the concepts and I did the calculations correctly.  That was it!  It would have been hard to guess my way into 100%.  Well, in high school, I obtained a 0%  Wow.  But you know what, I pat myself on the back for trying.  Why did I get 0%?  Because I understood nothing the test was asking about.  So, really, all tests are designed to see how much you or I understand about a certain topic.  

So, after grade 9, I decided to drop math.  Math was no longer the way I understood it to be.  Teachers were speaking a foreign language to me, and math was no longer fun, and I was not good at it.  

My husband jokes that I have poor math skills.  I would beg to differ.  However, I would agree that the speed and accuracy I used to have as a child went to sleep in the midst of our modern day device dependency.  I love the invention and daily use of spreadsheets, calculators and apps, but I would much rather be able to be able to quickly and accurately compute daily data in front of me.  

I will summarize the jaw-dropping things I learned in this 45 minute video:
1.  I could accurately add up several multi-digit numbers accurately after applying the method Scott showed.  Instead of adding from right to left, add from left to right (just like how we read and write English).
2.  I see numbers (Arabic numerals) totally different than before.  I feel so much more connected to them!  The numbers 0,1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 were made to represent how many angles there were in that shape.  The zero (0) has no angles, the one (1) has one, the two (z) has two, the three (3 – watch my video or see my picture) has three, etc…
3.  I will count starting with zero.  Everything starts at zero, not 1.  

Lessons gleaned from this video:

1.  Find a way to use your gift.  The world needs you to share your unique gift!

2.  If you could add up numbers so much more easily, more accurately and quicker than how you were taught at school, what other things in your life could you do much better at by re-learning another method?

3.  What other things have we been programmed to believe?  What else are we capable of performing with our brains?

If you are as excited as I am about this, please leave me your comment.  How were you taught to do math?  Did you like it?  What is your attitude toward it now?

Until next time,

Be Awesome!


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