Saturday, August 8, 2015: ridiculous

New and fun:

1. Took Little S to Swim Kids for August, and she was the only one in her group that showed up.
I was SO proud of her accomplishment over the last 7 weeks. When she first started in July, she held tightly to her bed so that I would not be able to pry her away to go to the pool.
After her first two classes, I was full of enthusiasm to go every week!
Today, she wowed her new instructor with her willingness to do everything instructed. I saw the determination, pride and confidence today.
Amazing! Awesome progress.
We’re all like this. There may be something that we’d really like to be good at, but in the beginning we may be afraid of trying fearing vein ridiculed or failing.
You first need to show up. She had shown up for every single class. Just show up.
2. Little R had gone blueberry picking with Christian Horizons, and actually brought some home for us. 🙂
3.  Had a great time with Little S at the adult playground by the lake. I did over 10 flips, and am now feeling a little sore from it. I also assisted Little S in her first two front bar flips. 

It also started taking a bit at the playground, but we continued playing. Now that’s having fun 🙂
4. Saw a friend Monica at Today’s Natural Solutions. Great chatting with her and catching up.
5. I took out a movie from the library called Little Fockers, and I showed my husband. He responded that it was funny.
“I have have seen it before?” I asked.  Before he could respond, my 7 year old daughter chimed in:
“Of course! Daddy’s old. He knows lots of movies and songs!”
She’s so funny, but she’s also right 🙂
6. Little M discovered Romano beans today, and he went to work at taking them out of the pod.

One Ridiculous thing I realised today:
I have said to myself to sleep early, eat well – yet on weekends, especially, I get overwhelmed by fatigue and sensory (kid hyperactivity and emotional swings) overload so I revert to the default : mindless eating and overeating.
It’s pretty ridiculous, especially for someone who claims to be a wellness advocate and health coach.
Have compassion. Especially for yourself. Figure it out. You can and will figure it out.
In the meantime, I will continue my daily blog entries updating you and challenging you to see what’s new and good.
Blissful blessings,