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AM Thoughts Commuting in the Dark

Hello Cherished Reader, Thank you for popping by today! I mentioned to a friend of mine about a month ago that I constantly needed to clear my throat, and her response to me was, “what truth are you not speaking?” Great question! So, this has inspired me to start regularly sharing my poetry… No matter […]

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015: day 12

Delightful: 1. Got to chat a bit during some free time with wonderful co-workers 2. As there was no line-up at a normally very busy Indian restaurant nears Staples on Yonge St near King St, I bought myself a vegetable thali. After eating the food, my curiosity had been quenched – I don’t plan on […]

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Posted by Kim Sit
November 12, 2015

Saturday, August 8, 2015: ridiculous

New and fun: 1. Took Little S to Swim Kids for August, and she was the only one in her group that showed up. I was SO proud of her accomplishment over the last 7 weeks. When she first started in July, she held tightly to her bed so that I would not be able […]

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Week 17: Decoding patterns

Happy Easter to you all 🙂 What a beautiful day today was.  I so much appreciated sitting and playing outside with my kids.  I loved feeling the unconditional loving warmth of our sun, the song of birds in the air, the awakening dirt my kids so enjoyed playing in.  Spring is indeed here.  Thank you. […]

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