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Happy New Year 2020: perfect vision

Happy New Year, dear reader! It is 11:49 on at the time of writing. The kids (most of them) are in bed, and I am sitting in peace with my cat thanking 2019 for all its wonderful gifts of wisdom and experiences. And I am grateful for this year of 2020 vision arriving in just […]

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Looking Forward in 2019

Hello, Esteemed Reader! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. What was the biggest lesson you learned in 2018? What was the most memorable event for you? There was a lot I learned. The time flew by just like that. There were good times, sad times, lonely times, confusing times, frightening time, […]

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Thankful Thursday, January 7, 2016: Resolutions

Health Being not so well gives me opportunity to understand how good it feels to be well! It is a reminder to listen to the body. Boring My seven year old has been home sick with some virus since last year.  She told me on the eve of New Year’s eve that her brain felt […]

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Posted by Kim Sit
January 8, 2016