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Why do we overeat and snack at night?

Greetings, joyful August! It’s CHOOSEday, and thank you for tuning in for another post. Today’s topic is this question: Why do you snack at night if you know it’s not beneficial? In fact, you know it’s a key factor in being overweight or fat, so why do you do it? As I have gotten older, […]

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Saturday, August 8, 2015: ridiculous

New and fun: 1. Took Little S to Swim Kids for August, and she was the only one in her group that showed up. I was SO proud of her accomplishment over the last 7 weeks. When she first started in July, she held tightly to her bed so that I would not be able […]

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Week 7: portion sizes

Happy Family Day! I am glad to have this special statutory holiday to be with my family.  So what did we do? Well, I prepared food and we are. I did my weigh-in, and it was 160.5 pounds :). Two weeks ago, it was 163, so I am back on track. http://youtu.be/_iD_KHx7A_I How much is […]

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Posted by Kim Sit
February 18, 2014