Viruses, Vomit, Celery Juice and More

Hello co-creative friend!

Thank you for joining me in my February report for my Best Breath Ever Experiment 2018.

How’s it going?

Although February is the shortest month of the year with just 28 days, so much has taken place in them! Where do I begin? I am so excited to share with you some insights on this past month’s journey.


Near the beginning of the month, I drove to Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario to surprise a wonderful friend of mine in celebration of her 40th birthday. Here’s the video to watch for more on this. I really was not expecting there to be any accommodation for my dietary choices, but I was happily surprised. We enjoyed great food, elegant ambiance and delightful company!

Two weeks after the Langdon Hall experience came time to celebrate Chinese New Year (lunar new year). My mom had prepared food not containing any processed sugar especially for me… but she added in some white rice flour (perhaps, I had not defined clearly that I wanted also to avoid processed flours). I brought the turnip and taro root cake home, cut it up, pan-fried the pieces, and enjoyed with my son. See this video for more pictures.

My family household was also affected by a stomach bug which caused vomiting, stomach pain, fatigue and general feeling of not being well. It had started with my youngest in January, followed by my oldest son… then when it came time to go celebrate the lunar new year at my parents’ house, it hit my husband! Grossed out my her dad’s violent gastro-purging noises in the bathroom, my daughter pleaded to stay over at my sister’s place.

It was great to have a day of rest (from sibling fighting) while my daughter was with my sister.  They went out for lunch Cantonese style. All was well… until she was almost home. While my sister drove, my daughter announced she was going to barf. My sister quickly turned into the nearby McDonald’s… but it was too late. The stench of my little girl’s barf pour out of her stomach and into the car. Fortunately, she barfed into a bag of empty egg cartons.

So, it was just Mommy (me) left without the terrible barfing symptom. Well, there was no way I wanted it. After cleaning up after the kids’ vomit over the last few weeks, I was going be well; that was my intention!

I think that just not having sugar and refined processed foods helped my body deal with the bug in a different way. I also used essential oils, fasting and energy medicine (BodyTalk Access and other) to help me through the time.

Now, at the time of typing this report, it is March 2; and I have avoided the bug! Or rather, I was able to deal with it in a different way.

Some other challenges had to do with going to many appointments. My body was quite stiff, achy and sore. So, I saw the osteopath, massage therapist and chiropractor multiple times. Perhaps it had something to do with the “bug” that was wreaking havoc on the family.

I also visited the dentist several times. They were the worst. Do you believe I actually accepted fillings and drilling in my mouth? Strange, isn’t it? For someone who supposedly eats well and takes care of herself, why did I have “big” in-between teeth cavities? I don’t really have any reason to doubt the dentist who seemed like a knowledgeable and reasonable professional; however, the pain is undeniable. Not only physically, but financially too. The dentist was nice, but I could not help but feel that he was planting fear… “well, if we don’t fill it, it will be root canal or extraction.” Then, while he was drilling and filling, he would say, “Hopefully, it won’t go too near the nerve or else we would have to do a root canal.”

I would prefer for a dentist to provide me tips (proven ways) to repair my teeth. Let my body do the healing. Anyway, more on that another time. There are resources out there if you are curious and willing to look into naturally caring for your teeth. Here is one resource by Nadine Artemis. I read her earlier book but apparently this one contains even more information.

What is your experience with the dentist? Do you have any tips for keeping a healthy cavity-free mouth? I would love to know, so please leave your comment!

Kitchen News

After years of good use, we said “good-bye” to our kettle. It was leaking from a plastic see-through spot and then eventually wouldn’t turn on or stay on anymore. Thank you, kettle for your years of service.

Now, I am heating up water with a sauce pan then pouring it into a vacuum tight thermal metal water vessel; it’s amazing how much convenience an electric kettle brings. Don’t ever take that for granted.

My husband decided to buy 7 cans of oysters to surprise me; they were on a discounted price! Well, they are enjoyable, but I still wonder what ramifications there are from eating canned processed oils (in this case, it’s sunflower oil).

What did I learn or observe this month?

With all the busyness of jumping (and recovering from) one appointment to the next, I noticed how much “stuff” needs to be done that don’t get done. I realise that I have “stuff” (papers, writing/drawing utensils, miscellaneous, etc.) all over the place. I noticed that whenever my husband would decide to work upstairs, I would walk up and down the stairs about 7 or 8 times before I had everything that I thought I would need for working downstairs. So, I decided to put everything (most basic work things) into a backpack.

I have been eating a whole lot of nuts especially since avoiding the processed sugar and refined flours (no pita chips, for example). How much acidity is this causing in my body? Could eating too many nuts lead to dental caries? If nuts are a good source of protein, and if protein should curb my appetite (according to my dietitian), then why do I feel that I want to munch more? How can I stop doing this?

My dietitian recommended food journalling. “Is this heart, stomach or mouth hunger?” The heart hunger points to emotional triggers for snacking. Stomach hunger refers to genuine hunger that the body need fuel. And mouth hunger refers to boredom… I think. Really, stomach hunger and mouth hunger – what is the difference? If we are hungry, we want to eat. If we are not hunger and want to eat, then it’s something else, no? I know for sure, I am eating not because I feel hungry, so how can I set myself up to eat only when hungry? I will explore solutions to this question in the month of March!

Medical Medium

This topic is so huge, it deserves a post on its own. Let me just provide a few salient points that I gleaned from the Medical Medium (Anthony William’s work was introduced to me by another health-conscious mom perhaps a year ago). Now, before you read on and become shocked as I was, just pretend you are a child.  Just follow the story so it will make sense to you suspending your current beliefs. I am not taking the position that whatever he says is all true; however, what I am saying is that his explanations (information from Spirit) make sense and provides direction for healing. And the recommendations are reasonable. In fact, it is mostly food based. So, with the innocence and imagination of a child, let’s dive in to just a few points:

– Autoimmune disease is a misnomer; the body does not attack itself. Your body loves you unconditionally. When there are many antibodies, conventional medicine and alternative medicine have come up with a story that the body attacks itself, but this is not the case. In fact, the body attacks only invaders. It attacks pathogens such as viruses.

The book I read is called Medical Medium Thyroid Healing: The Truth behind Hashimoto’s, Graves’, Insomnia, Hypothyroidism, Thyroid Nodules & Epstein-Barr if you are curious.

– The cause of many cancers such as breast cancer, lung cancer, thyroid cancer are caused by the Esptein-Barr Virus and toxins. The simple formula for cancer is VIRUS + toxins = cancer.

The following is taken from

EBV is also responsible for breast cancer, liver cancer, almost all lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, women’s reproductive cancers, leukemia, and many more.

Here are a couple of quotes from one of his blog articles:

The truth is, EBV is the source of numerous health problems that are currently considered mystery illnesses, including fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disorders, lupus, Lyme disease, tinnitus, vertigo, and much more.

While EBV is a serious threat to our health, the good news is that if you carefully and patiently follow the steps detailed in my book Medical Medium and my radio show, you can heal. You can recover your immune system, free yourself of EBV, rejuvenate your body, gain full control over your health, and move on with your life.

There is of course more jaw-dropping information I learned, but I will leave it at that for now… it’s a lot to take in and process. But, I do suggest checking out his work if you are curious. If you do, let me know what you think.

What’s coming up for March?

1. Juicing celery! That is right 😉 despite my husband’s lifelong dislike for celery, I have a record-breaking number of bunches in my fridge waiting to be juiced. Fresh celery juice is the number 1 thing recommended by the Medical Medium. A friend of mine also lent me her old juicer that I may partake in this healing journey.

I am going to journal about my chronic symptoms of throat clearing. This has been going on for many years and I have seen it in my grandfather and my great grandmother. What is my body telling me? What do I need to do to remove the cause?  Now, on a deeper level, my friend and Holistic Nutritionist Mandy, (check out her website) posed the question “What truth are you not speaking?”  I love this question.  I need to speak my truth.

2. Poetry blog/podcast. I have so many poems just sitting in boxes or hidden away on a shelf that I had written throughout the years. What better way of clearing out papers and old stuff? Perhaps this is one of the truths I need to be speaking?

Do you have old things that you don’t want to get rid of yet want to have cleared space for your present life? What do you?

3. Continue to fast for 13 hours from dinner to breakfast (break fast ;)).  This seems to be working well.

4. At least lie in bed with eyes closed from 10 PM to 4 AM even if I am not sleeping.  This will give the time necessary for my body to rejuvenate.

5. Continue with meditating.   I will increase to 7-10 minutes by the end of March.

Looking forward:

  • Daylight Savings! More sunshine; less sleep but more energy!
  • March Break Spring cleaning with kids
  • Husband presenting at the Whitby Public Library on his new book
  • warmer days

What are you looking forward to this month? How can you make it fantastic?

Thank you for joining for my February Report! I hope you have found it informative, inspirational or entertaining. My Best Breath Ever Experiment 2018 continues…

Blessings and sunshine,


P.S. My husband has now written and published his first paperback book: The Book on Podcasting. If you haven’t checked it out, here’s the link. You can read a chapter on happiness for free, so do check it out 🙂


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