Week 7: portion sizes

Happy Family Day!

I am glad to have this special statutory holiday to be with my family.  So what did we do? Well, I prepared food and we are.
I did my weigh-in, and it was 160.5 pounds :). Two weeks ago, it was 163, so I am back on track.
How much is enough? How much is too much? Depending on who is telling you what, it may be quite confusing.
I grew up with a food pyramid that promoted grains to be the largest food group in one’s daily diet. I guess that made sense seeing that it was the cheapest food group.
But you know what? I always are too much of it.  It is really easy for me to eat several helpings of rice, pasta and noodles.  And of course if you had some good quality bread and butter, I could probably eat half the loaf in one sitting!
Growing up, my great grandmother would just eat a half bowl of rice with the accompaniment (side dishes), and she never overrate. She also lived to be almost 100.  
In my research, reading and experience in dieting, I have learned of different ways of measuring protein sizes. One way is actually weigh everything. Another is to eat a plan that was written by a dietician for a weight loss clinic. Another is to track what you eat by points.
One that I found success with was the “Fit for Life” diet. Essentially, I could eat as much fruit or as little fruit as I wanted until an hour before I would eat lunch. Then for lunch I would eat a base of raw leafy greens and vegetables with cooked veggies and either a protein or a starch. Proteins and starches were not to be combined in one meal. For example, meat and potatoes or rice and beans/chicken would be a no-no.
I loved this because I would be able to fill up on as much raw and cooked veggies as I want 🙂
More recently, I have learned of a way of using your hand to guide your portion sizes. I learned it from being a doTerra independent product Consultant.
Since every person’s hands and stomachs range in size, I found it to be quite helpful. Also, you would always have your hand to measure with whereas you may not have your points guide or a scale for weighing.
So you would open your hand wide with your fingers all stretched out. Imagine drawing a circle all around your opened hand. That much is how much greens and veggies would be on your plate. 
Now fold your hand into a tight fist. See that? That’s the size how much complex carbohydrates you would have on your plate such as a potato or rice.
Now open your hand again. This time just  look at the size of your palm. That is the size of your protein portion such as fish or steak.
So, that is the hand method.  
Yet another method that works well for me is eating from my thermal food jar, salad container and mini jar (for the protein and dressing).
How do you portion size your meals? How does that work for you?
I would love to hear from you!
Join me again next week when I write about the Primal Blueprint challenge.
Thank you for reading. Have a blessed day!
PS here’s a picture from Seedy Saturday when I was helping my friend at Turtle Back Hollow sell some delicious sprouts.

Posted by Kim Sit
February 18, 2014

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